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Remote computers

We know that one of the difficulties of the industry is to monitor and control the remote equipment and the plants distributed in different areas.

Monitor and Manage

At We Technologies we take care of delivering all the necessary tools to monitor, manage and automate remote systems.

M2M Communications

At We Technologies we are known for being permanently innovating to offer the best telemetry and telecontrol technology solutions based on M2M communications.
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Administración local



Collect the raw data of each team or variables to be measured. These data are "cleaned", encrypted and encapsulated and then transmitted securely to powerful servers in the cloud.

Plataforma Servidores



On the server platform, the collected data is managed and managed to transform it into useful information for our clients. In this stage, the information transmission software is also executed, which allows obtaining the data in real time through reading cycles or at the request of the user.




The interface developed by We Technologies allows the user to see in real time the operation of each equipment and manage the operation in a centralized and remote way.

We Do

Real-time operations:

It is not necessary to be present in each system to monitor and control.

We deliver a highly reliable platform to operate and automate industrial equipment remotely, reducing operational times and maximizing operations in real time.

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Mobile web platform

We are concerned with the connection with local equipment and the transmission and visualization of data and equipment through a monitoring interface.

Our clients can access the platform from any place thanks to a web and mobile application in which they can access data analysis, reports for the analysis of operational management and visualization of alarms that will allow acting in time to prevent.

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